Best Business Projects

January 29, 2023
Первобанк наградил лучшие

Dagestan ' s best business projects received dominance ranging from 150 to 300,000 roubles. The results of the allocation of grants to the Ministry of Industry are summarized. This year, 2,500 start-up entrepreneurs applied for bids, and 486 people were able to implement their projects.

The idea of opening a private garden at Gulbaryat Kerimova came a year ago when it was time to have their children. There are no private gardens in Semender, and public places are lacking. Together with their brother, they built their private house under the garden. In two months, there are 15 children here. Assistance from the State is needed to set up a special children ' s space in the courtyard.

Applications for grants could be submitted by start-up entrepreneurs, including farmers. To that end, it was necessary to draw up a business plan and file a statement, then protect its project before the commission. Explain the value it can bring to the State.

Vakil Ahmedov is a later weapon. All the secrets of his skill were taught by his father. The technology is unique, the master says.

These knives can only be bought in Dagestan. The master gunman wants to expand the cereal and increase production. That's why he needs a grant.

Some 500 entrepreneurs received grants this year. Farmers, dentists, representatives of the beauty industry, teachers and inventors are diverse.

Minprom Dagestan's technicians say that every year of grants is more than the participants. More interesting projects for the republic. And for them, the State promises maximum support.

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