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February 19, 2023
наиболее перспективные

бизнес идеи швецииThere are some positive developments in Swedish entrepreneurship. Progressive business practices are increasingly used in small and medium-sized businesses. What kinds of activity would be most demanded in 2016?

IT technology

Business in Sweden today requires some attention to innovation. The most progressive is the IT technology sector. According to Denis Kruchkov, the founder of the Habrahabr resource, and his words are confirmed by the Swedish businessman, Eric Wahtmeister, the information technology will be the " greatest turnover " in the coming years. We must move forward over time rather than look at past samples, not the most reliable and effective. "

франчайзинг в швецииBut still, the IT technology market is far from saturation, although the consumer demands more and more. A number of challenges should therefore be addressed: Internet accessibility in different human settlements, online services for business creation and management.


In the second place, with small business in Sweden, there is trade, because in Sweden, business registration will be significantly simplified in 2016, resulting in an increasing flow of people into trade. What is most remarkable is the Internet stores, which will go from heaven to earth, and ordinary stores, on the contrary, will run official Internet pages with the possibility of virtual commerce.IT Бизнес в Швеции Mäster Samuelsgatan, and all technomarkets, environmental goods stores, perfume and cosmetics, are the most chretomatic example of such a shop.

2016 business in Stockholm

Finally, another type of enterprise that will be widely distributed in 2016 is a start-up. The number of start-ups, in the view of experts, will increase by more than 40 per cent compared to 2015, will increase the investment of foreign entrepreneurs in their development. But the fortun smiles far from all the starters: only those who have great luggage of valuable and creative business ideas will be able to swim. So starting business in Sweden isn't a field to go. In general, the merchandise industry will increasingly develop and develop in the next year. Customers and shogolics can be pleased: Marquetologists predict that most of the stores to attract customers will have a variety of sales. So selling business in Sweden, including trade-related business, is pointless.

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