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March 4, 2023
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Как заработать в интернетеHow to get online.

If you're willing to turn your idea into a start-up, you should put yourself in the place of the consumer and ask yourself, " Is that really what you want? "

Steps towards success:

  1. Idea.
    If your idea is to be used, we need to find a problem that the start-up will solve, check your business model and the competitor business model, and choose the best or take a note of what might improve.
  2. Making money online.
  • Think of your moves forward, the service should be as comfortable as possible for the user - then all possible improvements and modernization will be practically undetectable for the lasers, and you will benefit from the competition. For example, for a sales model, this could be an improvement in the conversion of the payment form through the original, but with a convenient design and animation.
  • Count the conversion. Proceed new ways to improve business The model and test its effectiveness (starting not more than a few days) - if the conversion has become more, work in this direction, if not, try something else. The success of online earnings is based on the ability to respond instantly to market changes.
  • Keep a few extra maps in your sleeve, there's always a risk of burning, and there's a need to have options for additional earnings, cooperation or development so that you don't go down with the start-up that has already begun to develop.
  • Find out which of the best ways of attracting visitors to you and working best. Keep working in this direction. Well, if you can sign a big player contract, even if it doesn't bring you the profits, the extra pyre won't hurt you, if the users know about your success, it'll make them more loyal.
    3. Give yourself a break when the business model has already shown results. Slow down and see further ways forward.
    4. To test the popularity of the idea and to identify its " parties " in practice.
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