New Business Projects

February 11, 2023
новые бизнес-проекты

Delivery of healthy food to the house

This business idea combines two thorns of the current and next year. On the one hand, the Rossians began to refuse to visit the café and restaurants on a massive scale in favour of fast food and food delivery home or the office. On the other hand, " fast food " tends to be far from healthy diet, while now a large proportion of the population is actively interested in both the issue and the healthy way of life in general. The ECO-KUHNE deliveries serve to please those who need to be quicker and cheaper and those who support FAW.

The requirement in this case is to inform the buyer in detail what is part of the goods ordered by the buyer. There is indeed one “but”: consumers may not believe in the word. In this case, there's another interesting option to deliver unprepared food, but a set of ingredients for a meal, attaching a prescription to them.

The client is still saving a lot of time in this case: although he will have to be spent on cooking, you don't have to go to the supermarket and collect the necessary products all over the hall. In addition, all products have been found to be used and there is nothing missing in the fridge. In order to make life easier for the buyer, it is possible to cut and blemish everything, but, unfortunately, the period of storage is drastically reduced.

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