Business Idea From Zero Without Investment

April 2, 2023

Несколько лампочек на зелёном фонеThe topic of today's material is how to open your business from scratch: ideas without investment. If you don't have start-up capital, but you finally want to do your own business, don't give up. In fact, there are not very few business ideas for which huge money is not needed. So today is profitable and relevant.

If there's a car

By using its own vehicle, it can be easily made a source of income. It is possible to register on special local portals where private customers are searching for a car for different purposes - town trips, relocations, etc. If you have an alien, and the car itself is fairly presentable, it's good to earn a wedding. And the cost of renting a car for a wedding starts from 600 roubles per hour, with travel to and out of the city taking at least 2-3 hours. So you can earn between 16 and 20 thousand roubles a month. Another advantageous option is to deal with the courier delivery.

Authorized signature

Many business ideas without start-up capital are closely linked to creativity and people ' s talents. As an alternative to the prints on T-shirts, mugs, different souvenirs, there is now a popularity in handwriting, like acryl. Besides, for a business like this, it's not necessary to buy some expensive equipment like a press. When you get a decent client, you can make a lot of money. For example, the T-shirts are worth between 500 and 600 roubles, the mugs are a little smaller. For a starter artist, the monthly earnings start from 10 tons. Through the Internet, the cost of its work can be known and significantly increased over time.

Restoration of furniture

It's a very demanding service. Work is available at home, and all materials are in the cost of work, so no investment is required. It's a rather expensive service, the rebuilding of the couch can cost about 8 to 15 thousand roubles. Even with three to four orders a month, you can get 25 tons.

Sales via the Internet

Goods purchased abroad are often cheaper than in the domestic market. That's why their resale would become a relevant business. For example, selling clothes from China, you can do a 100-300% price! Monthly wage, 15 tons

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