Business Idea With Minimal Investment

April 3, 2023
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Frequently, start-up entrepreneurs wonder what business ideas with minimal investment can generate sustained profits? Ideas with minimal investment It will come to those with limited start-up budgets, and the desire and ability to start their own business is unlimited.

Organization of weddings

For creative people with fantasy and taste, wedding business is perfect. Only one full-time staff member is needed for the wedding, the organizer himself. All other staff will be recruited as required.

For a successful wedding business, there is a need to have an extensive base of different contacts: cafes, restaurants, leading, photographers, florists, space decorators, beauty parlors, drivers, pyrotechnics, DJs (musicians).

A wedding can be a good family business. This business idea, with minimal investment, will require expenditure on its own office and documentation.

Repair of apartments

This option does not include a large staff. The renovation and secession business will require the establishment of a small brigade in which a start-up entrepreneur can be a slave.

As a result of the necessary investments, the renovation and separation business starts with the purchase of a large number of repair equipment. The material is purchased directly under each order individually.

You can't open your own office at the first stage. But with business development, a separate room for dealing with customers won't hurt.

Dance School

The opening of a dance school is an excellent option for choreographers. But for starters who don't have the right skills, opening a dance school can be a great idea for a business with minimal investment.

An important point for the opening of a dance school is the place of learning. The space shall be large, with separate lockers and conform to all the sanitary epidemiological standards.

In addition to renting the premises, the business plan and the cost of teachers should be included in the case of a staff member.

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