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April 24, 2023
Бизнес дома без вложений и

Франшизы для малого бизнеса 2015 без вложенийThe ability to work out of the house without the cost of office accommodation and staff salaries is a dream of many people wishing to open a small case. We offer you examples of franchise for mini business in the home with minimal investment.

Maps, money, phone

How do you want to open an enterprise for 15,000 cuts that are very demanding? This is the Cardzavod franchise specializing in the production of plastic maps. Now, at whatever cafe or store you don't come in, you'll be asked to either buy a discount or, for example, to set up a bonus card. And all of them need to be cooked in the first place. Given the number of institutions that want to release their maps, the need for this kind of business is huge.

Franchais needs to just get a book on the phone or on the Internet and send a stamp application. Then take the package and hand it over to the client. How to develop and move your business into the market, Francis is willing to choose himself. He doesn't have to follow a standard.

бизнес идеи с нуля в домашних условиях" Business is well suited to work from home, as it requires minimal investment. By making a few orders, franchise pays the full cost of purchasing franchise. For example, about 50 per cent of our partners work in domestic settings, including both start-up entrepreneurs and those who buy business in addition to the mainframe, shared with us the project manager of Ramil Garyev.

Mobile application for business is the main trend of recent years. Many companies in various industries (food delivery, sushi bars, taxis, various agencies, clothing stores and others) are developing their mobile applications to make their clients comfortable and promote business. AppGlobal therefore proposes its franchise to use high market demand and to sell ready applications.

You're buying from AppGlobal a mobile application designer, learning and starting to work. Purchase of franchise will cost you 59,000 roubles and 11,000 roubles of monthly royalties, and you need no office or staff. The company proposes to sell 35,000 roubles plus 1,500 roubles per month, but provides full franchise freedom to set the price it considers appropriate. Nice homework. with minimal investment

малый бизнес на дому идеи идеи малого бизнеса в домашних условиях
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