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April 7, 2023
Бизнес в интернете!

The summer has just started, and the shops and baseball shops are wearing juice and useful bars. And while the prices are biting at this time, but there's not enough to give up the pleasure of trying the delicious berries. A good quality product is long overdue and has a steady demand, even a peak of medium and late varieties. So I'm offering you a good way of earning in the village, a business jerry garden.

What's the benefit of a jerry garden as a business:

  • Early maturity and demand of fruit on the market;
  • Long life and tree fertility under favourable conditions;
  • Low exposure to diseases and pests;
  • Good freezer;
  • does not require significant feeding by fertilizers, especially nitrogen;
  • Cutting and carnage, weeding, soil mauling - basic works;
  • High yield, twice as high as cherries;
  • The crop starts for 3-4 years after the garden, and the best for 7 years;
  • one tree can have up to 150 kg berry.

Registration of garden business

Chesy garden as a business start with the registration of a gardening non-profit partnership (SNT) if the territories are vast or simply like IP.

Taxation must also be chosen. USN or EC-CNs will be up to 6 per cent of net profits. The CCVED code 01.13.21 is selected to produce fruit and berry crops.13 The registration takes about 10 to 15 days. State duty is mandatory.

A declaration of GOST R ' s conformity with the BSEC and a phytosanitary Rosselhzor certificate should be obtained to enable the official marketing of agricultural products.

Steer technology

1. How do you pick a class and a sub?

4Input business plan Preservation must be given special attention to the selection of sub-bases and varieties of culture. It is from this stage of the design of the project that future crop stability and, accordingly, profits depend.

The following regulations apply to the planting of the hierarchy:

  • The class is chosen to make the ripe berries wave for 4-6 months, from May to mid-October. This enables the gradual realization of the berry at the most favourable prices.
  • Record classes to different groups of pollination.
  • In addition to the class of goods, there is also a need for a pair of competing groups with the same colouring time.
  • Make sure there are insect dusters. The most effective chmelia or bee.
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