Minimum Investment Business 2014

April 1, 2023
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9CD653A00F3B7201A44AC2DC052D3F35-main[1]Open your business with as little investment as possible in our time. There are a lot of examples when businesses were created almost without start-up investments. Many useful information on this topic has also been made available on the Internet. There are even special training courses on how to start and take business to the desired level.

Some ideas for business development free of large investments Finance


The choice is very large in this area: it is possible to organize and celebrate holidays; or to provide home-based services for manicure, massage, pedicure; it is possible to write courses, diploma projects; to provide repair and clothing services and a lot of others.

Domestic production

It is now possible to produce at home virtually anything, such as souvenirs, candles, toys, blurring, cards, even furniture and various equipment. The main thing about this business is finding permanent buyers.


It is possible to profit by selling their experience and knowledge. For example, write teaching videos, write electronic books, publish brochures, booklets, etc. In the business sector, this activity has been named infusions.


Trade automatics (coffee machines, chewing machines, chips, water etc.). It is possible to buy a trader (b/o), find a place (magazine, café, market, etc.) and profit from the work of the " best seller " , a trader.


These activities are like infusion. The difference is that if inphobia is the sale of its infotovara, then reselling is the purchase of the right to re-sell someone else's info product.

France is the subject of the franchising contract, with the established rights to use the brand, as well as the business models that are needed to organize and promote the business. In other words, any man who buys a franchise gets a business system, a business plan and a ready brand.

Council: All available business options should be explored in greater detail and a suitable model should be selected.

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