Open Business With Minimal Investment

April 20, 2023
Какой открыть бизнес с

More and more Russians open their business. This enables them to work for themselves and earn a lot more than when they work for Uncle. But not everyone wants. Open your own business. There's an appropriate amount of money for that. But it turns out that it is not always necessary to open a business to have big money, and sometimes it is possible to open a business with almost minimal investment.

If you don't know where to start, try to draw attention to the types of business that are not in Russia. Not one Russian millionaire has simply adapted to our circumstances the idea that was conceived in Europe or America. For example, the social network of the Wontact, the founder of which, Pavel Durov, took the idea of communicating on Facebook. Such ideas are very numerous in completely different fields. If you open this kind of business in the big city, you'll be able to squeeze it faster in about a couple of years. Naturally, if the idea is to succeed, it is necessary that it be demanded. Services that will be successful in big cities may be completely unavailable in small cities.

China. A huge power that can be used to open its own business. All known sites selling Chinese goods have rabid success and bring huge amounts to owners. Of course, that's not a big deal, but you can arrange a small store of these things. Such examples are very much on the Internet and many are very popular. Purchase the goods for the store, you can go through Chinese websites, in which case it'll cost you nothing. However, take into account the fact that Chinese speak very badly in any language other than Chinese.

The opening of business in the garages has been growing and developing. Of course, they are most commonly used for the opening of a pneumatic or repair shop, but some rent them for shops with a very different direction and earn a small but stable amount. You can open your store in the garage, in which case you'll be able to save on the rent, which is good.

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