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March 12, 2023
Бизнес с нуля без вложений

How to write "killer" an announcement.

The main purpose of any marketing action is to induce the reader to act (defined). This could be an e-mail request, a site visit, a product purchase, a catalogue order, etc. So, before you write the word for an advertisement, you must fully understand your purpose and focus on it and on it.

By writing a sentence or a paragraph, check it out, ask yourself again, can it encourage the reader to act? Object your internal desire to write that your company is the coolest in its field or in the world, and you are. The best. You're a specialist, just like in the world. If that's true, the reader knows it himself, and if he doesn't, you're probably not gonna believe it, and such praise will only hurt your reputation. Stay focused on your specific purpose, not on your website and professionalism at all.

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Each of us is dug up every day in a powerful flow of ads at different levels and directions. Radio announcements, newspapers, television, street shields, posters, cars, subways, polyethylene bags, Internet, e-mail... We're in the middle of a commercial that's a lot higher than a mask. The vast majority of these announcements pass through the ears - the memory of the ears and the eyes just ignore them, completely automatically, with minimal brain resources.

But from time to time, something in a specific declaration attracts your attention and you read it. Hey! You just got your hands full of a surprise. Why leave him under his feet? If it's a printed announcement, you'll have to cut it off if it's a banner on the Internet or in a postal letter, print yourself a copy and put it all in a separate, specially booked daddy. Later, you'll have to study this announcement again, and then you'll be back to him repeatedly.

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