How To Open A Case With Minimal Investment

February 3, 2023
Дневник Предпринимателя

Бизнес с минимальными вложениями в сфере оказания услугYou're very keen to open your case, but you don't have enough money for a big or even medium-sized business? Well, that means you should try and open a small business, and then when your case with minimal investment will open up a big business. If you use this option, you won't have to spend on renting premises, keeping staff, buying expensive equipment.

You must pay attention to the services. It's a courier shipment, home salon, cooking and delivering lunches, a hotel at home. Selected industries will require certain skills from you (the hairdresser, the manicures, the tailor, the cook), others to have their own car. And minimal expenditure on consumables.

Also in the area of services is the organization of corporate holidays and various celebrations. This one. business with minimal investment Pedagogical, socialist, ex-CNN, active and creative people.

If you're more inclined to scientific work, writing courses, diplomas and checks will give you a good job.

Special attention should be paid to the newly created venture business. In the domestic language, the installation of coffee machines. You can buy them or rent them. It's important to choose the place for the machine.

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