Output With Minimal Investment

February 26, 2023
Теплоблоки выгодное

Кладка из лего кирпичаMost start-up entrepreneurs find it difficult to decide what production can be opened with minimal investment, because the options are many, and which of them are profitable, lack experience and knowledge. In this article, we propose to look at the most profitable and demanded business options for producing low-cost products.

Production of slags or foams

The production of low-cost and reliable blank material for construction will generate income in any region of the country and in any economic circumstances. Individual construction and private extra-urban construction will always require such materials.

The start-up investments include the purchase of equipment and the rental of 100 square metres of space, with the possibility of switching power to 220W.

Indicative value of investments is 70 to 100,000 roubles.

Purchase of raw materials, processing, taxes, fees/payments from 200,000 roubles.

Business profitability ranges from 70 to 200,000 roubles per month.

Preparing roof prefabricators

Carrier, snow, horses and profiles are required for the installation or repair of any roof. The production of these elements will require a good stack of lid, a space for its installation and a leaf of zinculated iron with polymeric coating.

The value of quality equipment is 150,000 roubles.

Material and organizational costs - 80 to 100,000 roubles.

The expected profitability of the business is 100-150,000 roubles per month.

Mini-cesses of conditers

Indicative cost-effectiveness of condite production is rarely lower than 25 to 30 per cent, so conditers with a variety of varieties have great chances of success.

The main start-up investment is the acquisition of a qualitative and functional line that enables different types of products to be fed. Reliable equipment for 50 square metres will cost 450 to 500,000 roubles.

Launch costs - 150-250,000 roubles.

Production will reach a maximum profitability in 5 to 6 months and will be 120 to 200,000 roubles.

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