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February 18, 2023
Дмитрий Бабенко на StartUp

бизнес в кризис

From: We published this article in 2009. Crises are different, but they are similar to their influence on society. It was therefore important for the experts to listen and understand whether the recommendations had been useful over the past five years in order to reuse them.

During the crisis, people try to save their savings and fear to start a new business. But for many people who are already affected by the crisis by losing their jobs or housing, new business - it's the only way to make money. The optimum option is to start a home business that doesn't require much cost.

1. Food business

The food industry is one of the few that the crisis has not affected. People continue to eat and drink independently of the economic crisis. Still in food stores, they're waiting for fresh booze, young people are ordering wedding cakes, parents are cakes for their children's birthday, and sweets are buying chocolate to get their moods up in the gray box.

The entrepreneur ' s goal is to find the right niche and to create the right price for his product so that it can fit most potential buyers. You just need to figure out what product you're gonna cook in your kitchen, set up an enterprise and start selling.

2. Finance Adviser

In these unstable times, when debts grow as snowcomers and savings are sinking, investment has become a dangerous activity, people need literate financial assistance. Entrepreneurs seek advice on how to deal with unexpected financial difficulties, private individuals - how to revive their budget, investors - how to keep investment and find new opportunities in the falling market.

3. Houm stagn

The real estate market is one of the markets most affected by the crisis. The Real Estate Superintendents, along with the bank inspectors, lost their legs in search of buyers, and they're willing to do anything to sell their houses more quickly.

It is now in the context of the downturn in the real estate market that the so-called, houm staging (pre-sale training) experts who are involved in the design of the interior, the placement of furniture, the landscape design, and even the unpleasant odour.

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