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April 13, 2023

Изображение с названием Start a Finance Company Step 1Credit companies provide credit for commercial, consumer or business purposes. If you want to open your firm, the next steps will help you in opening your credit facility.


  1. Write a business plan.
    • Plan your business development. Indicate how you plan to work and where you plan to get additional funding. Perhaps you'll have to provide your business plan to approve and license your activities.Изображение с названием Start a Finance Company Step 2 You will also need to indicate which types of credit you plan to grant and which client audience you are oriented.


  2. Register the company as a legal entity.
    • Credit companies should be registered separately from their owner. If your company has financial difficulties or something goes wrong with the client, the collectors will not be able to confiscate your personal assets if your business is a separate legal entity. Legally, they can only confiscate business and assets. Call the appropriate authorities for all necessary papers to register the company as a legal entity.
  3. Get funding for your business.
    • Maybe you'll need extra funding for your business to work. You have to prove your income that you can lend. If you have partners, you will also have to provide their income data.
  4. Pay all license fees.
    • The amount is different from country to country, so it will depend on where you live. On average, it is about 35,000 roubles or more. You will also have to pay the State a guarantee bond. It's a guarantee that you have money to lend. This amount ranges from 1,700,000 roubles to 3,500.000 roubles. The final amount will depend on your type of business.Изображение с названием Start a Finance Company Step 4 And finally, you'll have to pay the court fee. This will cover the costs of the State to verify the legitimacy of your business, and that you are not involved in fraudulent activities. This will be about 1,500 roubles.
  5. Creating credit packages you'll offer to clients.
    • Given the different types of clients and their capacity to pay, various types of credit are being created. Invite your clients to different types of credits to determine their needs and determine what they can afford.

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