How To Open Your Little Business

March 15, 2023
В 1955 году Рэй Крок основал
Women in small businesses
Some of my friends have been doing business quite well for a long time and have a small firm. There are many articles on the Internet with advice and recommendations for women, how to open up and succeed in their small businesses. On the other hand, it's not that hard, it'd be start-up capital, and the rest would be a matter of time plus a little effort. Like my friends, and I'll try to tell you how the small business owner works and lives, is that easy?
My old friend Cira is the owner of a very popular bakery in our neighborhood. In the Cyrian bakery every day, fresh hachapuri, a few kinds of cakes, make hamburgers. During the big holidays, you can order a roasted pig.
It opens up at ten o'clock in the morning, but Cyra's on his feet a lot sooner, you have to accept the products that bring distributors, light up and heat the furnaces, and there are three employees who smash the testo and prepare the fix. The whole day of Cyra is there, you have to control everything, and when the sale goes well, Cyra gets up next to his employees and works, too.
... Lena's other business is a small office with two computers. My friend scans and sends documents, prints and retrieves different texts, can find and print the necessary information, if it's hard for you or just no time to run on the websites, she has a copy machine and a typing machine.
Lena's summer's business is getting worse, many people on vacation, schools and institutions aren't working. Started September, and the people, as they say, " pupils " , they're in school, they're selling and buying apartments, cars, and they need to document.
I'm not gonna tell you in detail about a few other friends, but I'm just gonna mention that one has a food store, another has opened a so-called sécond-hand, another has opened a children's club for birthdays.
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