Minor Business

November 6, 2023
свой мини бизнес

Having your own hotel business is the dream of many entrepreneurs. Moreover, this direction is considered promising and profitable. The gradual development of tourism in our country leads to development and a hotel. At the same time, their own hotels in Russia open not only large world concessions, but also small companies and even individual private entrepreneurs.

The experts believe that the most popular these days are not large hotel complexes, but so-called mini hotels. The cost of accommodation is much lower, and the level of services is often very low in hotels that are part of a large network. Of particular interest are economic-class places in large cities. Mini hotels include establishments with a registration fund up to 50 numbers. In addition to the numbers themselves, a cafe bar, a sauna or bath, a billiard and even a pool can be offered to residents.

Russian hotel operators offer two basic options for their customers: accommodation in the first class hotel, where the cost of a number in large cities can be more than 10,000 roubles per day, or two, three-star hotels, which can be removed for 1,000 roubles per day. It is for this reason that this intermediate segment of the Economy-Class Hotel attracts the greatest attention of entrepreneurs who own private houses or cottages.

If you've decided to try your forces in the hotel business, you'll need to be determined in advance with the format of your future hotel and its location. The most common option is a small hotel in a large city (primarily, its guests are visitors and travellers).

Renting an apartment or a house under a third-party hotel is not the best option. You'll spend a lot of money on repairing the premises that you're not really gonna own.

Another problem is the high cost of rent, so you'll have to increase the prices for your guests. Finally, this option poses many risks, ranging from raising rent rates to changing the owners of the apartment or home.

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