Open Your Business With Minimal Investment

March 26, 2023
Бизнес на аренде квартир

Открыть бизнес с минимальными вложениямиThere are different situations, and you don't have the money, there's no way to get a job, and you're almost in the spirit. But you don't have to be distracted because your own business can only be opened with a smartphone.

Here's some ideas for opening up. with minimal investmentwhich, if you want to be real, live with only a smartphone, an electronic Gmail box and a little laugh in your head. If the circumstances of you are " compressed " , don't delay, start the case now.Автоперевозки Let's go!

Transport operations

If a car with a luggage compartment or free rear seats is also attached to your smartphone, it is possible to open its own vehicle service, especially for small towns where the infrastructure is often not very developed. Initially, free advertisements can be made to the local press, a mass mailing through the IMS, or advertisements to the city ' s information portals. Over time, it is possible to set up a website and store visits.

Excursion guide

Гид-экскурсоводLiving in a beautiful city can be transformed into a means of earning, at first, pocket money, and then how things go. You could be a hyd-excursion guide, organizing tours in your favorite city. It is possible to post their announcements on local portals, urban newspapers, or to create a site where to write a few words about themselves and their services. It is possible to write a detailed guide on interesting locations and sell it in hard copy or in electronic book format and as an application for smartphones.


ПисательPerhaps the idea of becoming a writer without a computer can sound reckless, you can start your career with a smartphone. A good start-up can be blogging. In Japan, in particular, it is becoming very popular to write and put in a network of whole novels with a simple cell phone. For example, last year, exactly half of all bosseller novels in the country of the rising sun were “mobile novels” written exclusively on smartphones.

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