Open Your Little Business

April 5, 2023
Ваш бизнес - выгодный бизнес

In order to receive a small business subsidy, the Employment Centre (PEN) needs to be registered. Technically, there is a need to be unemployed, which means that the work book should have a notice of dismissal from the last job. Small business subsidies do not provide pensioners, students, founders of a legal entity and individual entrepreneurs.

What documents are needed to obtain a grant?

In order to obtain money, a passport, a work book, a diploma in education, an NIS, a pension insurance number and a person ' s account requisition must be submitted to the NRC. The verification phase of the PRC takes several weeks, after which the applicant is placed on record and assigned unemployment benefits. The next step should be to apply to the same CPN, but to the self-employment subsidy programme office.

By the rules, the recipient of the grant, for development Small businesswill have to hire a staff member from the category of people with difficulties in employment

The specialists advise each person wishing to open his or her case as to what documents should be submitted, in particular in what form a business plan should be developed, to obtain subsidies. Examples of successful business plans can be found on the Internet on their own, but in any case it should be a brief idea of the proposed project, a list of required personnel, a description of production technology, a description of the market and potential clients, as well as legal support for activities and, above all, the financial plan and project forecast.

Consideration of business plan

Once a business plan is in place, the relevant CNU will refer it to the financial commission. It has been reviewed by independent experts for several weeks and either approved or re-engineered. Although it is possible to obtain a definitive waiver at once, with no contact with the members of the financial commission, it is therefore not possible to know the reasons for such a decision.

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