The Idea Of Opening Your Case

March 29, 2023
Идеи для открытия своего дела:
Danilovsky residents created a dairy mini-ferma
Agricultural business is becoming increasingly demanded. Livestock and, in particular, milk production in our field are becoming more popular. Three years ago, the inhabitants of the Danilovsky District of Menasian, literally from scratch, created their silent mini-ferma, reprocessing and marketing.
Finding a business idea to open his case to Arthur and Lucina Menasian appeared to be the lightest thing in the world. Their settlement is small, and there's hardly any work here. But after the collapse of the bulbs, there's still a lot of abandoned hoses left in the Soviet era. One of them was a village and converted to a merchandise farm. Literally reconstructed the walls, lighted and drilled wells for water.
Any new case at first stages requires funding. But before investing in family business, the spouses made clear what they could expect and which would require assistance from the side. And aid today can be substantial: loans for government programmes, bank loans, payment of employment centres, or just money from friends.
Arthur Menasian, head of CFC: " We borrowed an initial 500,000 or 550,000, and we had our savings. We've started.
140 m? There's a 30-bed bar on the farm. Dairy CRS species is the main. Golden, American, carniless and local red. The ones with the lower horns are great.
The summer from the farm is up to 700 litres of milk each month. It's smaller now because cows start to veal.
The whole winter cow is in the bar. But now, despite the fact that the calendar March and the weather still need not be so warm, the cows feel warm and they're already vomiting. It's almost the first time they're going to get out.
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