What Businesses Can Open

June 2, 2023
Какой бизнес открыть

Three months ago, Oleg Tinkov called on the readers of his blog to "consciousness": "Go and start working, work for yourself! Now is the time to open your case... Change your life, you can, find your motive, how I found it in a long and hungry 1989, sitting on a carton in the LG's dorm. Believe in yourself and become a capitalist... " The FG exploded. Some shared their fears, others asked for advice on what to do.

To start your business, you don't have to have solid start-up capital. It's an idea. For example, during the 1998 defolt, the lost financiers, Sergei Rudenko, Gennady Becker and Yuri Homalov, decided to invest in real business♪ The idea of drying dryers was a long time ago. The friends had to put the technical conditions in the Statestandard on salty dryers, so a new kind of snack was born. The Chapayev Sukhariki or the Chaps are no longer produced, but other companies have taken the lead.

It's not necessary to invent a bike. Catherine Zadonsky, former manager of the Farm Market Research Company, started its own business in 2008. Her company, Kurs’OR, sells pharmacies and distributors a database on tenders for the purchase of medicines throughout Russia (the company often assigned a separate staff member to monitor a number of regional and federal sites).

Dean Vishna, former editor-in-chief of the Retailer Publishing House, six months ago, together with the former colleague, opened the New Look Marketing Bureau in St Petersburg. According to her, there's a lot of free niche. For example, one of its customers, an ICG company specializing in the provision of beauty parlors, medical and spa centers, decided to launch the nail bar network ChicBlesk into the crisis. The format of the stations of express manicure, which are housed in human places, in shopping centres, airports, in the stations, has come to Europe from America. Investments in one nail bar, excluding expendables, $8000 to 10,000. The project is estimated at 6 to 10 months.

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