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August 6, 2023
Бизнес-идеи по производству в

Production of dry fruit at home as a business idea
Sukhofruits - income and benefits
The business tree for processing fruit in dry products is very interesting. It doesn't require huge investments. Anyone who wants to do it can do it. As a source of additional profit, the idea can be considered by the villagers and the villagers.
Products are carried out in different places: markets, large and small shops. Sukhofruqts are being sold quickly by the optovars.
Where can we start?
It's best to start with a little hug and understand the depth of the process itself. Find out how to keep the fruit as delicious as possible, attractive and edible.
The variety should be selected on the basis of the most common fruit in the area. Little advice: stop making choices on lums, apples and apricots. It's popular and nutritious fruit. They just work with them. There's still a good merchandise. They're getting pretty fast during the season. The cushion will save and transform the harvest into a profitable investment.
No less value is the dry mushrooms and berries. Popularity's getting a vegetable dryer. Many keep them in a vacuum. When they unpack, they fully restore the volume and nutritious value.
Development bonds
The production of dryed products can be developed to any size. There is no shortage of raw materials in our country. With big volumes, specialized equipment will help.
Better get a full set. It performs work from washing to packing. Cost depends on the selection of functions and capacity. The price fluctuates at $1,000.
Another plus equipment is the ability to maintain it independently without external assistance. Which means there's no need for employees.
The only deficiency in dry-fruct business is seasonality. Active trade will only be in a cold time of the year. But there are always buyers for quality. Courage, plums, raisins are loved and demanded by consumers for a year.
The product's not perishable. If the local market is fast-growing, it's not so difficult to find a way between the country. Products can always be adjusted.

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