Business Idea From Zero

March 9, 2023
Отличная идея для бизнеса «с

Идея лампочка с нитью накаливания ЕВРОIn this article, we will consider the most relevant, beneficial ideas for business from scratch that will not require much investment. Many people believe that it is very difficult and costly to start their business, and because at best they delay the opening of their own business indefinitely, but it is not.

Wedding business

Since each year, various types of business associated with the organization and maintenance of weddings have become increasingly demanded. The most popular of the wedding services are photo and video filming, a celebration hall, an event (tamada, DJ, musicians, etc.) and a culinary. Less popular, and therefore more competitive, are the types of business associated with the construction of different wedding attributes: invitations, photo albums, locks for young women, commemorative labels for champagne and others.


Another interesting idea for business from scratch is the opening of its own tourism business. This is not the case of a banal tourist agency, competition is high, and the cost of discovery is unavailable for most start-up entrepreneurs. In the modern tourism industry, there are many niche, so far completely empty, which guarantees high incomes with minimal competition. In particular, attention should be paid to rural tourism, various types of camping, unusual city tours, places with interesting graffiti, roofs, abandoned buildings. If there is a suitable real estate, a mini hotel can be opened.

Delivery of food

With the growth of cities, road loads and the employment of the urban average, food delivery services from supermarkets and dishes from various establishments are becoming increasingly demanded annually.


Separately, there is a clearing that is a business not just for the delivery of food, but entirely for the provision of food at a remote location. For example, the delivery of lunches to offices and events.

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