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February 17, 2023
Бизнес идеи из Китая

Bumper protection

A very cool thing I saw in L.A. I was seriously thinking about her when I rented my Ford Mustang 2013. I think Russia has this, but not as popular as the United States.

Bumper rubber shield. He plugs on the lips inside the trunk and gets easily in the parking lot in close places. It doesn't take many places.

You all know how often these days buy a car, and together with it, it's right. This inevitably leads to scratches, cracks and diletant collisions in the parking lot. Moreover, you will often be innocent, just come to your car, and there's consequences of a failed neighbour parking.

(1) I wouldn't advise you to do this protection at least in the first stages. Find a good supplier.

Looking for initial shipments and shortening deadlines in Russia. Then we increase profits and order and You'll find them easily upon request: Bamper Protection

(2) As always: create a website, WC groups, FB. This topic is a separate seminar. I can advise the master of the creation and launch of the Maxim Hirkowski Internet store if you don't feel the strength to do it on your own.

(3) Start moving. Remember, most importantly, sales and happy customers. I'd get in touch with car clubs like BMW Club Russia and offer to take care of car owners together.

Initial costs:
♪ Bumper is $40-50 on the supplier website. It is possible to start without the cost of an agency contract with Russian representatives or to purchase small parties. The site can also be created free of charge on NetHouse.

You can sell for 2200 to 2,800 roubles. The profits from each sale are about 1,000 roubles. 15 cars and 37,000 roubles are yours, of which 15,000 are net profits.

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