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April 17, 2023
Топ-10 инновационных компаний

Skills that kill luck

1. It's a habit of jumping to conclusions. Very often, we feel that we already know what and what will happen and begin to act in accordance with our mistaken vision of the future. In fact, life likes to throw such surprises as it's even hard to imagine, so you don't have to rely on your quick conclusions. It is also erroneous to think that we know the reasons for human actions and their follow-up. This is totally wrong, and very often leads to conflicts and misunderstandings.

2. The habit of dramatic events. Don't exaggerate little failures, get upset about little things. This behavior gives us anxiety that doesn't make us happy.

3. The habit of stereotyping and labelling. When we try once and for all to determine the essence of things, we can be very misleading. In fact, the world is more interesting than it can seem at first sight, so it is not worth trying to put everything within a certain framework.

4. The habit of sharing everything on black and white. In fact, there are thousands of options in the flower palette of life, and the desire to obtain " everything or nothing " means that we just don't see them. There's no perfect job, friends, relationship. The great art is to celebrate what you have.

5. It's a habit. We often try to find a trend in the midst of our successes and failures. In fact, a few recurring situations do not reveal anything. You treat every event as self-important.

6. The habit of taking things close to heart. Don't worry about the bad news on TV, the stories about your neighbor's disease, or the failure of your colleague. Sorry, help, but don't worry about other people's problems.

7. It's a habit of trusting a dead emotion. Your feelings show your subjective perception of a world that is not always true.

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