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March 19, 2023
Тепличное хозяйство

Real village business ideas - cobic production
♪ What's a comb.
Combined feed is a mixture of different products and mineral additives ready for consumption. They are produced not only for different species, but also for age, sex, season and animal productivity. I mean, sheeps and chickens need different feeds, but little chickens and neska chickens are different. Bullet rabbits and meat are also in need of different foods and additives, because we're waiting for some hair and other meat. In fact, the names of such products can be dozens, and you'll still have a lot to expand.
Without balanced feeding, livestock breeding is money thrown at the wind, so quality feeds are always in demand. Food value divides food into:
- militia - substitutes for natural food;
Concentrations with high protein, micro-addition and mineral content;
- extracts from specific vitamins, micronutrients and some other substances.
Starting with this rural business idea, usually comes from one major ingredient: what can you produce, extract or buy at a low price in large quantities: grain, hay, cancer, something? Determined with this, they're looking at how to bring it to the commercial type and add it to make it a full-fledged comb.
In the form of a comb, you can be divided into:
- Disassured (large, medium and small wage);
- Grazed;
- Briquetized;
- Consumers have the most popular granules, but should not ignore and distracted, which are particularly appropriate for a small phase.
♪ Feed production
Since feed is needed by all animal species grown by a person for a particular purpose, they may include a variety of ingredients. The most common:
- and grain waste;
- seno, straw, grass flour;
- small or fish flour;
- Wastes of industrial production: millasses, smelts, storms, hydrol, etc.;
Minimum additives: chalk, salt, etc.;
- micronutrients, vitamins, antibiotics.
- white-vitamine additives and bonuses.
Pre-food storage periods are very different, minerals can be stored for years, with protein and vitamin additives for only a few months. This point should also be taken into account in the purchase of such ingredients, their storage and production.
♪ Markets
The main buyers of combicorps are large agricultural enterprises, livestock and poultry.

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