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February 1, 2023
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Let's just agree that all the ideas we're going to be here together now must meet the two most important (at least for you) criteria. It's a lack of risk and cheap realization.

Why I chose two of these criteria, I hope not to explain. The lack of risk is because you don't have that kind of stock so you can bury the money to your left and right. Besides, a lot of you already have a family and some even have kids who are rare, but sometimes they really want to eat.

And cheap embodiment is necessary because most of you are now engaged in employment where they've been paid, paid and will be paid for a very long time under the principle of " a famine officer not to die, but to avoid another company " . Of course there are exceptions. I know companies that pay such money, that people lose motivation for further development, and there's nothing left to do about how to cut salaries to employees, which results in a completely different result, that is, mass dismissals.

I forgot to mention another very important criterion for business ideas - easy implementation. Why? Because you don't make any sense in the business, and if you're going to start doing business at a level like Microsoft right now, I can imagine what's gonna happen. I mean, your idea should be as simple as possible, more accessible and understandable. No difficulty, no misunderstandings, no nuances. Complicity doesn't come from you, so why create them from the beginning, and with your own hands.

I also have one very important point. The genius is the simplest. And in fact, around you (i.e. you, dear reader) there are opportunities to realize a thousand successful business

I'll bring the simplest and most understandable example. I spend most of my time in my house on nature. Around the woods, rivers, people once and twice and wrapped up. Beautiful, shorter. And after all the villages, a car travels a few times a week to drive food for those who go down to town to buy. I just wanted some tea. I go out to this car and ask the seller if they're selling their honey. The seller's head rolling. No, they never sold. And then he says, "Here's our patch driver, ask him." I talked to the driver, and he's been bees for years, and he's got headaches every year, like, and where he's got his honey. And he sells it as a result for the cops. I'm telling him, "This is your car, sell with the foods and the honey, and it's going to go to hell."

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