Good Business Ideas

March 30, 2023
выгодные бизнес-идеи

With an average start-up capital of $100-$20,000, you can realize Good business idea I don't know how to sell the apartments. Your earnings will be the difference in the amount of the purchase and sale. Special options are being selected: flats that need repair. Naturally, the price will be low, especially if it is an urgent sale due to urgent needs.

zilye2_600_default For example, an apartment without renovation in a big city could cost 2 million roubles. The repair will cost you 500.000-600.000 roubles, after which you will be able to sell the 3,000.000-4.000 roubles and even more. It is only important that a notary and a real estate seller be present when concluding the contract.

If start-up capital is only available for the renovation of the apartment, a different pattern of earnings can be tried. By concluding a contract with the owner of the apartment, it is possible to renovate the apartment, after which, within a specified time frame, the area will be sold with a certain percentage. A separate apartment may be leased for the owner during repair. Either way, as a result of the deal, you'll cover all the expenses.

If your seed capital is missing even for repair, you can borrow at the bank. Selling a renovated flat, you'll clear the credit and make the money that's enough to repair the next apartment. Having established the velocity, you can open a full firm and hire a sales manager and a realtor.

Of course, it's easy and deposive only in theory, but, you know, agree, Who doesn't risk it, he doesn't earn it! If you already have a free apartment, you can organize a good business idea by giving it daily.


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