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March 27, 2023
Бизнес идеи 2016 года с

The books of futurologists always sell multi-million prints. I wish I could look into the future, see what technology the next generation is. Let's not run that far, but let's see the best. Forward-looking businesses 2015 ideas.

Online clothing

Every day, clothing buyers become more demanding. Everyone wants to look good, and for that, the clothes have to be perfect. If you've ever bought things online, you've probably had a problem of size choice. One American businessman has already solved this problem. He opened an Internet store where he offered clients a 25-size shirt. Agree, this is far more diverse than S, M, L and XL. According to the businessman, there was no return in his store.

Stantt organized an even more ambitious start-up. The specialists decided to collect all the existing male figures.

To date, the model measurement is manually carried out, but, according to the company, full 3D figs will be established in the near future.

Take this business idea of 2015, sooner or later, and we will have such Internet stores in our country. Online purchases are now gradually eroding trade points. The only thing that keeps stopping people is the inability to try clothes. Go ahead and offer people a solution.

Fresh products in each apartment

Everyone wants to live long, one of the main criteria for good health is quality food. Many of us have now opted for healthy food by carefully choosing products at supermarkets. Experts argue that this trend will continue in the future. Given the constant growth of the world ' s population, consumption of vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and other products will only increase.

The construction of self-produced production is very costly. However, there is no need to find suppliers in rural areas.

Cylinder clothing

All possible liquid clothing options have existed for over ten years. The technology is quite simple: a paint of the required colour is attached directly to the body. To date, clothing is more relevant to design and creativity. However, Manel Torres, an inspired Spanish manel Torres, has managed to organize business in this area and has opened the company Fabrican Ltd.

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