The Most Relevant Business Ideas

October 5, 2023
Самые актуальные бизнес-идеи

Как заработать в кризис, актуальные бизнес идеи 2015Entrepreneur and to make a crisis It's much easier than stable time. And it's not a myth. But first, we need to know exactly where and how to sell. And all these questions must be answered by a good business plan. By the way, you don't have to invent something new. It is enough to take some of the paragraphs that are already ready and to adjust to the realities of the crisis. There is no need to choose a business with large investments, because in a crisis, it is not easy to find borrowing or stable investors.

Professional skills are the foundation of a new business

The first thing to draw attention is a case that is well known. Of course, any business can't start at all without financial investment. It's gonna take a start. But you can start with the family budget. Everything will depend on the type of activity. In fact, even the small amounts invested in the crisis are much more effective than in the pre-crisis period.

There are several reasons.

A) Rental rates for office, warehouse and production facilities have been reduced by almost 40 per cent.

B) Employees can be recruited faster for lower wages than in better times. Many of them agree to work for part-time or co-operative. As a result, unsolved businesses can significantly save money.

B) If paid to suppliers of products or raw materials on the day of delivery, a discount of at least 5 per cent may be agreed.

Zero business Investments

Starting a business without putting up any money, it won't work. Even popular entrepreneurship like vehicles, typing, hairdressing, trading points - will still require a financial expense. People who have not even had the slightest idea of the system of work, such as pharmacies or beauty salon, are often starting to engage in these types of business. So the white collars started opening points for the sale of child toys in shopping malls, and the engineers, leaving their jobs, were interested in opening a pharmacy in franchise.

If their savings for the opening of a case are insufficient and the borrowing funds are inaccessible, the emphasis can be placed on innovative projects that investors regret at all times. The crisis forces people to include all their creative potential, and it is therefore in the crisis that new and, in the long run, very profitable directions are emerging. The crisis is an engine of progress.

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