Your Business From Zero

February 2, 2023
Как открыть свой бизнес с нуля

Dreaming about financial welfare, many thought about whether a family business could be created from scratch - without cash and pre-special training.

Contrary to the prevailing view, a profitable business from zero is possible. Of course, that will require a lot of effort. Business history from scratch is full of good examples.

How to turn family entertainment into success

If a family enterprise is to be established, the family must first be assembled. Let everyone suggest how to lift the business from scratch. The characteristics (education, upbringing, hobby) of each and, in addition, the use of clues on the Internet should be taken into account. There's a lot of websites like 100 business ideas from scratch.

You can find real business history from scratch. For example, Alexei and Eugenia Sulim built a joint business in a two-pronged case, photographs. And Constantine Dach and Helena Anishimov have developed their skills and achieved a great result, a romantic dating company in which everyone performs the part he likes.

Seeing suitable topics can be found on the website of other CIS countries. Business ideas from zero in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia or Belarus are similar, although somewhat different.

Main proposals

Ideas can be different. For example, the most popular is the transport business from the nil that is created by the family. Or, for example, a garbage business from scratch can start in any city. Specialize, for example, the removal of large-scale debris or the processing of certain types of waste (glass, polyethylene and so on).

The most convenient is the opening of your case on the Internet. This allows for participation in a general case, even for those who do not leave the house or are unable to work for other reasons. Like moms with little kids, grandmas and even schoolgirls.

Of course, it's necessary to complete Internet business. But that kind of force and time will be repaid.

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