Business Plan For A Small Cafe

July 31, 2023
Скачать бесплатно детское кафе

The main objective of this cafe business plan is the opening of a small cafe for a medium buyer and the same price categories for products. This calculation can be applied in most regions of Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries.

We'll look at a fairly democratic type, which can be calculated for both office workers and visitors who want to be tasty, low-cost, but just eat or take a business lunch. Coffee business should take into account the fact that the menu of the cafe is based on semi-fabricates, hot beverages and booze.

Café target♪ We'll take the calculation to middle-income clients. Price democracies can attract a lot of people to the café.kafe biznes plan The main customers of the cafe are young, office staff, the contingent may extend tonight to customers who make meetings or eat and rest.

This business plan does not provide for an initial investment in kitchen equipment, which can be acquired in the future. In such a case, the cafe may change, the menu may include, for example, national kitchen meals. New customers will show up and the check will increase.

Café opening risk. Good reputation is very important for institutions of this type. Enough with one unpleasant story to lose a permanent clientele. The selection of staff for the cafeteria should therefore be handled responsibly.

Financial part

In order to be able to calculate the estimated cost of opening a business café, it should be known what costs would be mandatory:

  1. Outside advertising: $700.
  2. Wages: $2,800/mes;
  3. Purchase: $4 000/mes. (first purchase $8 000)
  4. utility charges: $1,500/mes.
  5. Equipment and instruments: $80,000;
  6. Design and furniture: $6 000;
  7. Land lease: 2500/mes. (in 6 months, $12,000);
  8. Repair costs: $4 000;

If the café schedule from 9 to 23 to 200, the café staff will consist of two waiters, two bartenders working shifts, and a visiting accountant and cleaner.

We will not provide for the acquisition of expensive equipment, because the menu in our cafe is not the most expensive price segment. That's it. business There will be two refrigerators, stoves and microwave oven. Let's just say for a little money, you can create a comfortable atmosphere, you can put flowers on tables.

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