Examples Of Successful Small Business

August 6, 2023
За один лишь июнь мы сделали

Very often, small businesses can be very successful, but attempts to further business often do not lead to any positive results. The economists cited Mexico as a good example.

Almost every Mexican town you'll find at least one ice cream café La Michoacana. In the design, the institutions dominate pink color, but the ice cream offered to customers has all the colors of rainbows and different tastes, from rice pudding and the bladder to avocado.

La Michoacana is an example of successful business in Mexico. But it's not a corporation, not a brand, not a franchise. It's an alliance of independent companies that produce and sell ice cream. La Michoacana is a symbol of Mexican Small business: There are only a few employees in each firm (usually one family) and no accounting records. All attempts to transform famous cafes into a single, profitable structure ended in failure, reminiscent of the magazine The Economist.

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mexico has more companies with 10 or less employees (as a share of the economy) than any other large Latin American economy: 95.5 per cent, compared with 80 to 90 per cent in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. An expert from the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness, Manuel Molano, calls the famous cafeteria, Peter Pan, because firms prefer to stay small to avoid State regulation and taxation.

" It's easier to fly outside the radar when you're microscopic, " , notes Molano.

In recent decades, despite attempts to build export-oriented industries such as automobile, micro-businesses with minimal pay have been the main sources of new jobs.

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