How To Create A Small Business

July 27, 2023
Только одно мне противно

A few years ago, Maria and her young man rested in Belgium. At the theatre festival, they accidentally met a real perfume. A new acquaintance called a couple to visit the city, where the spirits were made at home specifically for Mashi.

Upon their return to Moscow, friends, acquaintances, and even others, asked a girl for her aromat. Masha has decided to make such spirits for everyone - to launch his small perfume brand. It was a hobby for the first and a half of the year, but then last spring Maria left her permanent work as a logistics player in a large company and devoted herself completely to perfume.

Selection Excellence

First stamp in Russia
Selective perfume

Opening date: 2011

State: 4 in Moscow and 4 in Belgium

Maria doesn't go to the perfume stores in principle, so by chance.

not to think of an already existing aroma.

Perfume Kutührer

Masha's selective perfume started before she went to Belgium. You can't say she's been very good at it, but the spirits of the mass marker have turned off. When Maria decided to launch the Selection Excellence, she had to study avase of perfume art: learn to recognize the smells, learn the symbols of the note, and so on.

Maria doesn't go to the perfume stores in principle, so it wouldn't happen to come up with an already existing aromat. As a girl says, with her new job, her nose has lived her life: she hears all the smells around, and her trip to the subway becomes a real test for her.


The work is structured in such a way: the role of Kuture (i.e., who invents aromatics) is performed by Maria itself. She's making an aromat, recording it and sending a perfume. The name of the master of the Selection Excellence team is not open yet, but he knows that he lives in a small house under Brussels and creates all scents manually. His work is done by his family, his wife and parents.

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