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April 6, 2023
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Starbucks кафе прибыльный бизнесIn today ' s world, there are many possible ideas for business organization, some are typical business representatives, others have their " business " , and an unordinarily specific one, and there are very few ideas that are truly prosperous and most profitable. It is highly probable that most people who wish to earn money directly from individual businesses have thought about business ideas that can truly be the backbone of a prosperous business. Prospecting successful and successful profitable business ideaIt takes a very long time, and only the chosen one gets the fruits of his child. So how do you find a worthy idea? In fact, the idea can be generated by a thorough analysis of the ideas already in place, so today we will look at the ten incredibly profitable and very successful business ideas that have brought their masters an enormously high income. So...

American businessman Howard Schulz, inspired by the atmosphere of the espresso café open in Italy, decided to bring to the U.S. people the Italian philosophy of coffee by opening a network of coffee shops. Starbucks now has over 10,000 coffee boutiques located throughout America. Howard is estimated at 40 billion roubles.

The distinguished businessmen Hans Rigeli and Paul Rigeli invented a sweet business, organizing the production of vegetation, followed by candy with unusual (yes and ordinary) forms and tastes. More than 250 gum candy is produced around the globe for sweets. The status of each businessman is estimated at 53 billion roubles.

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