My Little Business

March 28, 2023
ММБ (Мой Маленький Бизнес)

Sonia Polski's next working morning starts with a trip to the station where she meets grandma and granddaughter who brought her a big box of flowers collected at a good place. This summer " clumba " will travel a whole journey: first from the Pomposkova to the Moscow Station, then to the very centre of the capital, to the Tver Street into the Cyferblat, and finally, from the chaotic cap to the safe bouquets, he will be happy with his view and aromatom of people throughout the city.

First steps

Sonia Poleska, an educator, never loved standard bouquets, and it was against cut flowers as a gift, because it was always so rude to nature. Of course, like any girl, she wanted flowers in the house, but roses, herbs and lilias, she preferred field plants.

There's no such bouquet stores, and Sona's head has come to create his own business.

Three years ago, she invented the " Rombler " and for the first time she tried to make small bottles of field flowers for 250 rubles, which fled as hot cakes at fairs. First, Sonya wanted to sell the flowers themselves, not the ready bouquets. " I thought that I would be approached and said, " I might, please, be able to use this rumb cap and half the bellbag. But people approached and asked: " Do us some of these flowers, please. " Then I realized that it was just that no one would buy flowers and tried to make small bouquetics, he told the Polish. - And when you're doing a three-hundred bouquet, you're starting to get it without a florist diploma.

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