New Directions For Small Business

November 12, 2023
Направления развития бизнеса

Сервисные услугиThe crisis is a phenomenon that affects different sectors of the business. While many enterprises are on the verge of devastation, others remain virtually unaffected or even successful in the economy. The services sector is particularly affected by the crisis, as people prefer to invest in something tangible, pay for what will stay with them for a long time. However, for individual services, the crisis is an opportunity to gain additional profits. But in the sectors most affected by the crisis, with skill. business opportunities to stay on the float, and even to successfully develop your case through the competitors.

The crisis could not have affected the type of business such as financial services. The decline in the incomes of the population has led to more popular pawnshops. Lombards in the crisis remain floating because of the specificities of this area of activity, the real disposable income of their clients falls, so people try to plant some " surplus " or unwanted property.

The experts note that at this stage there are two main reasons for increasing the popularity of pawnshops.

  1. The cost of dragmetalls in the rouble equivalent increased by more than 50 per cent. As a result, the amount of the loan that is issued to the client has increased by one and a half times. 90 per cent and more of the citizens are carrying gold jewels in the lombard.
  2. Banking institutions have tightened the lending process for the population.

The " before salary " microsates have not lost popularity in the population, so the services of the pawnshops are being used extensively today.

The owners of the pawnshops demand bail, but this amount is less than that of microfinance organizations. Moreover, income and credit history are not taken into account, which adds to this popularity service.

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