New Technology For Small Business

February 4, 2023
Новые технологии для малого

Small business equipment For the manufacture of a bethon marble, SISTROM technology is energy-efficient, as a relatively small number of electricity is required for work. The small number of electricity consumed is an important aspect for small businesses. The total quantity of electricity consumed by SISTROM equipment is not more than 6, 5 kW/h, which is 0, 48 kW per square metre of products with a geometric dimension of 300x300x24 mm. Comparing the ceramic stove production requires about 1, 5 kW per square metre of ceramic products. This difference between electricity consumption for the construction of two different materials is primarily due to the fact that a room temperature of 20,0C is required for the production of concrete products and a temperature of up to 1,400,0C is required for the production of ceramic products. In general, the production of ceramic stoves is not small, but medium or large business, as significant investments are required in equipment and in the economic part of such plants.

The nomenclature of products that can be produced by SISTROM ' s technology includes more than 500 varieties of lining and decorative products is a fairly broad choice, which is very important for small businesses. Systrom's technology doesn't fit as well. Small business technology, Since initial investments are small and comparable at a price of low-cost insulation and the return on investments is as fast as possible, for half a year, there are little directions in small businesses that can boast such quick returns.

In addition to a wide range of products, SISTROM offers effective Small business technology In the field of construction materials: concrete mosaic, stove, wallet sticks "Didstone, potassium, trotuar coatings, braces, vegetation, concrete syddling, strings with relays and textures, viscous foam.

The high strength of the concrete SISTROM allows for the manufacture of articles that cannot be made from a single concrete and natural stone, which creates the preconditions for new ideas for small businesses. For example, a 2x3-metre large facade can be made from the concrete by SSTROM, and such panels may be either complete or with the application of heat insulation.

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