Small Business Equipment

January 31, 2023

Russian machines and equipment for Russian small business production: Catalogue 2016, direct sales by the manufacturer. Lithium mini launches, vibrates, metal sheep machines, automated lines and machines - 121 names. FS and exports. The price of the factories is to buy an opt without intermediaries, order a playlist!

Despite the continuing decline in the production of this category of equipment in Russia, the industry continues to be required.

The change in the Russian economy ' s vector to support its own production and import substitution provides the potential for enterprises that have decided to occupy the niche of equipment and machines for small enterprises.

Food equipment, coptile and condite equipment, technological and construction equipment and machines, wood processing equipment of Russian producers is cheaper, and progressive technologies meet world quality requirements. The depressed Chinese machines and low-cost equipment of other Asian and European countries often fail to provide the necessary productivity and quality of finished products.

Most of the small business plant and equipment presented can be used in the home or garage. Producer prices are more accessible than importers and intermediaries.

Statistics: 2014 90 per cent of the equipment and machines used by Russian enterprises are purchased abroad and only 10 per cent of equipment from Russia. But the projected volume of imported equipment is projected to be reduced to below 60 per cent by 2020, thanks to the promotion of own production.

Catalogue of equipment Small business and start-ups Businessmen are constantly being updated. Contains high-cost and high-technology industrial equipment manufactured directly in Russia. Part of the equipment is innovative, without foreign analogs.

Call attention to Russian producers, start a profitable business with Russian equipment, and you will have the potential to develop your business, including by reducing costs and better guarantees.

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