What A Small Business To Open

April 18, 2023
Какой малый бизнес открыть

Foreign citizens have equal rights with indigenous peoples to open small businesses in Germany. Any investment by the State is strictly individual, scrupulously considering the budget, the literateness of the business plan, the prospects for development and many other aspects. Additional investment in the economy is encouraged by all possible means, so there is no " other " benefit.

Company registration

For those who decided to open their case in Germany, the Government had developed a relatively simple and well-structured registration structure. There are two most common organizational and legal forms of business - GmbH and AG. Like our forms, it's the GS and the AO. By choosing any of them, a legal address and a telephone number should be available. You just need to rent an office.

The next step of business opening in Germany will be the registration of the company name. These are handled by local chambers of commerce and industry. No name restrictions. Here, if necessary, a licence may be obtained for the right to engage in a particular activity.

Further: The writing of the statute and the drafting of the constituent instrument, which the notary certifies for approximately 600 euros. He's putting you on the trade register for an extra fee. In two weeks, a discharge from the register, an individual taxpayer number, and a job can be accessed.

Prospects for obtaining a residence permit

By opening their business in Germany, many people want a residence permit. Specialists recommend that the State should first prove the seriousness of its aspirations: to obtain low-cost housing, to pay taxes regularly, to study German, etc.

Since local authorities are very conservative, it will be reasonable to know what is called " useful dating " . A couple of years ago, you'd need an investment in excess of a quarter of a million Euros just to claim a GNW. At present, this is not the case, but there are other requirements that take into account the interests of the regions, as they are given the right to decide on this issue.

How to open a business in Germany can be found in the Business Training Project Youth. There are successful entrepreneurs on this site who give details to starters.

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