Best Ideas Of Small Business

Февраль 25, 2017
А именно их инновационная идея

БизнесToday, we'll tell you what kind of business from scratch is best to open. The material will only have proven, relevant business ideas. Each option will be informed how much money is needed to start a business and what monthly profits can be expected. As you understand the numbers are approximate, but in general, it is sufficient to judge the profitability of the business and understand whether or not it fits you.

Photo and video studio

This type of business requires the cost, mainly of equipment and, possibly, of renting a studio, if you're doing a studio. For starters, it's necessary to spend on a good camera, bars, staffing, maybe a lighting machine. In order to start this business, if you don't have equipment, you're gonna need an average of 70 to 100,000 roubles. It's possible to conduct exits that don't need a studio and a special light. Birthdays, weddings, corporations, parties, graduations, all these events need a quality photo and video. Even with 3-4 orders a month, some 50,000 roubles can be made clean.

Lower laundry store

This product is very popular with women ' s audience, and the product price can reach 100-300%, depending on the brands sold! The opening of a small 10-20 square metres store will require about 300 tons of p., of which at least 80 will be required for the purchase of the goods. In a few months of work, it is possible to make a profit of 100 to 120 tons per month.

Real Estate Agency

A very relevant business today, even with high competition. The opening of such a firm, even with a small symbol office and 2-3 agents, will require about 200 to 300 tp. And with daily transactions, a monthly profit of 200 tp can be calculated.

Scope of beauty

Business from scratch is very comfortable with any skills.


Using and repairing clothing can be provided even at home, so facilities and equipment can be significantly saved. But if you want to do a lot of orders, you'll need room, additional equipment and personnel. All of this will require about 100 to 200 thousand roubles, and monthly profits can reach 20 to 60 tons of p.m. at the very beginning, especially if they do the exclusive stuff.

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