January 30, 2023
Идеи Малого Бизнеса Форум

With the advent of a new era of the development of information, so-called post-information society, different spheres of life have been changed. The sphere of advertising was no exception. Just imagine, only few years ago, one of the main instruments of the marketing was the direct mail, which was very popular in various business fields. Direct mail organization is based on the target mailing list that allows solving many problems in advertising, the main of which is the delivering information about brand-new products or services to potential customers and clients, as well as the attraction and saving of customers.

The targeted direct mail is generally understood as sending paper letters in post envelopes. Most often, it is commercial emails with the information about the brand, the supply of goods and services, or an invitation to an exhibition or other event. However, if the purpose of direct mail is to save existing customers, the letter may contain congratulations or something like that. In addition to the standard sales letters, direct mail can also include colorful booklets about the company, catalogs of goods or services, price lists, corporate business cards, product samples, CDs, books and magazines, as well as prizes for the participations in some competitions.

As we see, he technology of direct mail based on a variety of postal services. But the situation was completely changed with the development of the Internet. The name of the new god of information space is SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO optimization, or Optimizare SEO, is a set of measures for internal and external optimization which help to raise the web site positions in search results pages in order to increase network traffic and potential customers. It contains the analysis of the competitive environment in a particular subject, as well as the planning of the future work on the site. After the analysis, the adaptation of each page of the web resource is carried out using certain groups of key phrases and under the considering the needs of users. Optimization of page structure also helps to distribute the significance of each page correctly. This brand-new means of advertising allows achieving high results, because it covers the largest number of potential customers.

Be that as it may, the direct mail advertising is still alive in the form of e-mails. And this type of mailings of advertising and information materials is really valuable in their efficiency, but there are also limitations. According to the law on advertising, the company cannot send more than one thousand advertising messages in different locations; this number rises to no more than ten thousands of emails with promotional materials for one month, and no more than a hundred thousand for the year.

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