Small Business Ideas

March 11, 2023
Идеи Малого Бизнеса
How do you start with a State grant?
The opening of business for many businessmen is often rendered impossible by a lack of money. It is this barrier that, in most cases, prevents starters from making their plan a reality. In such a case, public subsidies can help small businesses.
Benefits of the grant
Every country always pays special attention to supporting small businesses, which are a good basis for the economy. The growth of enterprises is only conducive to healthy competition and improved product quality. Consumers are able to obtain a good product at a satisfactory price. The State is therefore interested in assisting small businesses.
The economic activity promotion programme by 2016 provides additional funding, which is referred to as a grant. Granting is a target and non-reimbursable State. To pay for business start-up. The money doesn't have to be returned, as is usually done in borrowing or borrowing.
The amount of the grant may depend on the region of residence and is granted for the following:
- Purchase of raw materials;
- acquisition of equipment;
- purchase of expendable material;
- Intangible assets;
- repair work.
The type of financial support for small business can be approved by the executive body. Upon receipt of public assistance, the enterprise must report on the use of funds. This means that every person who receives a State subsidy is responsible for its distribution and must properly spend the funds. The balance of cash assistance will have to be returned, and if there is evidence of unearmarked expenditure, the enterprise will have to return the total amount to the State.
Council: At the time of the opening of its case, it should be borne in mind that a State subsidy cannot be obtained for the manufacture of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages.
Types of grant
The type of grant may be established by each RF entity. The types of assistance are:
- Business support - 25,000 roubles;
- Opening of business with the possibility of raising a grant for a new job - 60000 roubles;
Business opening provided that the business is the only parent of the child, is not employed or has a disability of 300,000 roubles.
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