Small Business Ideas In A Small Town

February 22, 2023
Каждый из небольших городов

The small town, in the face of the business characteristics here, we consider small (up to 50,000 inhabitants) and medium (50 to 100,000) cities. In Russia, there are 935 settlements (or 85 per cent of the total number of cities).

Key features:

  1. Concerning Low wages (cities that live around the oil and gas industry) create the conditions for low-cost labour. The same factor causes a low purchasing power (size, quantity, repeatability of purchases less).
  2. Customary goods and services are a demand line, and small-scale goods and services tend to lack space in small towns (e.g. hardly in small towns) Small town The vegetarian restaurant is going.
  3. Low turnover, limited customer flow, development ceiling (if only local market demand is met).
  4. Low start costs (low rent, low advertising costs).
  5. Importance of reputation♪ You always have to think of a reputation, because in a small town there's a great deal of saline radio that can both raise and kill business.
  6. The low cost of labour makes it possible to create a production base to meet the regional, regional or even general Russian market.
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