Super Idea Of Small Business

September 5, 2023
100 Бизнес Идеи Для Малого

Yes, today, many fields are abandoned, farms are devastated, young people are valiant, but business sniffs say that it only increases our chances of success.

Here's a super-death for business in the village, which will give you real income and make your life very different.


Beekeeping can yield good profits in a well-established scheme and in a timely manner. Usually for profitable Small business There are about 50 bee families in the village. Now we believe that the cost of one ultra-high family is approximately 4,000 roubles. In May, bees are multiplied and there are two whole families coming from one family, so it's worth buying more ulums, each worth about 2,000. Thus, start-up investments are set at 300,000 roubles. The main copper collection is in July: each family brings about 2 kg. It's hard to count that even with 400 roubles per kilo, 100 families will bring you 800,000 roubles. And next year the bees will become even more and the capital costs are less. Consider it yourself!


What kind of business do you think to open in the village? Open the store! If shops are near every corner in the city, there may be only two shops in some villages that work freely or sell at such prices as Moscow has never changed. The civilized food or economics store, in a literate manner, will cost you 500,000, 1 million, and will be paid for only a year. You can go further and buy from local berries, fruits, vegetables and dairy products, and then drive to town, open up some kind of eco-magazine. But it's, I'm sorry, it's quite another story.

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